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Nothing appears more beautiful and perfect to us than nature, especially all its uncountable variations and small flaws seem to make it complete. Our own beauty is influenced by the environment, our change of life and not at last it is the result of our attitude and care with ourselves.

Time has its limits, and we all know that, but that we can make every period of time to a very special and intensive moment, we forget very often. Therefore, biological and regenerative therapies are our main focus: Detox instead of Botox, regeneration instead of scalpel.

Beauty doesn’t have any norm.
It is a combination of aesthetics, individual charisma and authentic personality.

In our practice we offer:

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Introduction: Vampire Lifting is a natural and effective alternative to Botox and Co. It does not only cause facial rejuvenation but leads to a general skin improvement.

starting from 660.– Euro

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Pamper your skin with a deep cleansing and provide it with moisture, vitamins and antioxidants in a relaxing care concept.

starting from 145.– Euro

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The problem-area-killer: Aqualyx® is a micro-gel injection solution for the treatment of local fat deposits on the whole body

350.– Euro

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Biological homeopathic anti-aging-concepts: A boost of freshness from the inside and outside for a young appearance and more vitality.

1800.– Euro / 10 therapies

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Health comes before all beauty. In some cases only a change of nutrition makes a life-changing difference regarding well-being, youthfulness and charisma.

starting from 160.– Euro

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Gain new energy, throw off ballast, regenerate the complexion – the cleaning of our body creates new well-being and defined shapes.

starting from 350.– Euro
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This goes beneath your skin: Dermapen® Micro-Needling is a minimally invasive method for cell regeneration and synthesis of the skin, which stimulates an improvement of the skin texture.

starting from 380.– Euro

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Sometimes mimic is only missing a small modeling to look fresher and friendlier. Here helps the lip contouring or a subcutaneous injection of the affected area with hyaluronic-acid

starting from 270.– Euro

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Use the strong disinfectant feature of medical ozone for the treatment of diseases or to vitalize.

starting from 120.– Euro

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Acupuncture is a method without side effects, to stimulate the energy flow of the body (Qi), remedy disorders or restore vitalization, with the help of small stimuli.

starting from 40.– Euro

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For perfect skin for a lifetime: Highly effective antioxidants, peptides and rich vitamins in a worldwide unique “step-up-system” for a radiant, young skin

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Why not make your body refreshment to a holiday in a healthy climate?

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To overcome your weaker self: Let us plan and guide your physical recovery and mental relaxation.

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You need more? Our professional team at Healthcare offers the finishing touch with manual therapies, physiotherapy and cosmetic treatments.

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In our practice we offer:

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Beauty does not show in countenance.
Beauty is a light in the heart.

Egyptian Trachoma disease

Ägyptische Körnerkrankheit “Trachom”

In my life I could experience many wonderful things and see a lot of the world by travelling and longer stays abroad, among those were also sad things. Since my professional focus is on well-aging and therefore beauty, it is important to me, that we, who are living in a well off world, to become aware of beauty being something very individual, which lays in the eye of the beholder and has in the first place something to do with health, optimal function and emotional balance. Our sense organs absorb beauty in a lot of ways, which makes life worth living. Even worse, when we take these things for granted, are not guaranteed anymore because of poverty and special conditions of life.

In 1998 I had my first contact with people, who suffer of the Egyptian trachoma disease. Even more affected as by the catastrophic medical condition, I was by the fact that this disease can be alleviated with a small financial expense and can be even cured. Without any treatment, the disease of a chronic conjunctivitis leads to blindness and deprives the people of their beauty and the possibility to see beauty in the world.

Please help to release the affected people from this insidious disease, which is so easy to cure. With only a small contribution, you can give beauty and emotions, which allow experiencing real beauty with the eyes.

The trachoma is a bacterial conjunctivitis, which is caused by the “Chlamydia trachomatis” agent of different serotypes A, B, Ba and C. Due to repeating infections of the conjunctiva scars appear. The infected people suffer mostly from trichiasis, resulting inward growing eyelashes, which is followed by a corneal opacity due to the rubbing eyelashes on the corneal surface and eventually they go blind.

With 500 million infected people, the trachoma is the most common eye disease worldwide. Currently, 6 million people have gone blind. Children are mostly affected by this disease. In the hyper-endemic areas, the risk of an infestation goes up to nearly 100 percent of the population. The contagious disease is mostly found in areas with dry and hot climate, large poverty, high population density, water scarcity and accordingly poor hygiene conditions.

To save the eyesight of an affected person in stage I or II with the use of antibiotics, it only needs 5 Euro. Surgery costs can be already covered from 20 Euro.

The private initiative “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” collects donations worldwide for fighting the Egyptian trachoma disease.

We don’t want to give life more days,
but days more life.

Kathleen Priester, alternative practitioner, manager/owner Healthcare

Besides that, caring mother, fashion designer (Esmod Munich), certified nurse, passionate hobby cook, bio-gardener, loving wife, aesthete, perfectionist, globetrotter. Born 1970 in Dresden, 4 children and a pug.

Social commitment:
2014 “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” - initiator of the charity project against the trachoma disease. In cooperation with Doctors without Frontiers (Médecins sans Frontières) in Germany.

As a graduate designer I have a clear view for aesthetic and an excellent sense for beauty. With experienced eyes and a lot of empathy, I want to give my patients individual advice and achieve optimal results for their well-being. Of course, only the best is good enough for me and my patients, which is why I appreciate and use the combinations of far eastern acupuncture and diagnosis, nutrition optimization, detoxification concepts, ozone and infusion-techniques. “You are what you eat” and “Let nutrition be your medicine” are the headliners, which characterize my treatment approach. My main focus is personal communication and an accurate diagnosis. That implies an optimizing regulation – from acupuncture over cosmetics to Vampire Lifting, as required – to use the regeneration possibilities of the body. My personal result is a contemporary aesthetic, which I want to give to my patients.

Kathleen Priester
Priester Healthcare

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