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Bio-Facelift in Karlsruhe, Durlach and Ettlingen

Biological homeopathic anti-aging-concepts: A boost of freshness from the inside and outside for a young appearance and more vitality.

The BIO LIFTING works directly there, where age becomes visible: in the exhausted cell. It is not necessary to change your skin (lifting) or block processes (Botox etc.): It is possible to directly address the problem of exhausted or tired skin.

During the BIO LIFTING a physiological regulation on a cytoplasmic level takes place, which has a positive effect on the cell groups.

Body’s own regeneration processes are supported and cause a clear reduction of wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin from the inside to the outside. Our healthcare team works with individual adjusted injection series from vitOrgan – Bio lifting according to Prof. Dr. med. Rothschild.

BIO LIFTING is a scientifically established, holistic method on the basis of bimolecular vitOrgan-therapy (BVT). The applied vitOrgan-preparations contain biological active substances, which originate from animalistic (bovine) cell extracts and are processed according to manufacturing methods, which are patented in the USA and Europe. These preparations activate cells, stimulate blood circulation of the tissues and eventually achieve a tightening of the skin. The bio lifting stimulates the metabolism efficiency of the aging skin cells. The specific areas are injected beneath with an ultra-thin needle.

When will the effects be visible?

The effect normally starts after two to four weeks, because the biological regeneration effects need a latency time, to activate the biochemical processes and awake the power of the cells. 6-8 sessions with an interval of one week.

Can I resume normal social activities right after the bio lifting treatment?

After the injection, a light swelling with a light pressure sensitivity and redness can appear. The swelling generally reduces in the next 24 hours. In the area of the lips this can take slightly longer in rare cases, because of the good blood circulation.

Bio-Facelift (1800.– Euro / 10 treatments)

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How permanent is the treatment result?

How permanent the result is, is very individual. Skin condition, lifestyle and age play a relevant role. The experience shows, that BIO LIFTING needs to be repeated individual times, to achieve the desired result. In case wrinkles are developed by distinctive facial expression (for example raised eyebrows, nasolabial fold), they will appear again after a certain time, because they belong to the personality structure of the individual. The fresh experience and a relaxed countenance are immediately visible.


  • Improvement of skin condition
  • Fresh, vital appearance
  • Effective against crow’s feet, small wrinkles
  • Visible improvement of acne scars
  • Reduction of cellulitis
  • Visible improvement of stretch marks
  • Tightening the abdominal wall, the biceps or the double chin